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703 Buena Vista Boulevard
The Villages, FL, 32162
United States

Specializing in hand crafted Argentinian products;  Gaucho Knives, fine Argentine cowhide leather bags, purses, wallets, belts and well as exotic leather & a verity of reptile skin merchandise. We also have an exquisite line of solid .925 sterling silver & 18kt gold jewelry, suited for the equestrian, non-equestrian, ladies and gentlemen customers. We as well, have a unique line of hand crafted gift items from Buenos Aires, Argentina South America!

Special Product Features

The Saint Benedict Medal

Susan Wood

Saint Benito / Saint Benidict

The Saint Benedict Medal - aka The Medal Of Saint Benito - aka Jubilee Medal Of St Benedict

Details of Front of medal - We see St. Benedict holding his Rule; next to him, on a pedestal, is the cup that once held poison, shattered after he made the Sign of the Cross over it. The other pedestal is topped by the raven, who is about to carry away the poisoned bread. In very small print above these pedestals are the words: Crux s. patris Benedicti (The Cross of our Holy Father Benedict).

Details of the back of medal - In the arms of the Cross are the initials C S S M L - N D S M D, which stand for the rhyme:

(In Latin) Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux - Nunquam Sraco Sit Mihi Dux
(Translated in English) The Holy Cross be my light - Let not the dragon be my guide

In the corners of the Cross are the letters C S P D, which stand for the same words found on the front over the pedestals: Crux S. Patris Benedicti (The Cross of our Holy Father Benedict).

Above the Cross is the word "Pax" meaning Peace and is the Benedictine order motto.

Surrounding the entire back of the medal are the initials to the words of the exorcism: V R S N S M V - S M Q L I V B, which stand for the Latin rhyme:

Vade Retro Satana
Nunquam Suade Mihi Vana!
Sunt Mala Quae Libas.
Ipse Venena Bibas! ...

Translated To English Means
Begone, Satan,
Do not suggest to me thy vanities!
Evil are the things thou profferest,
Drink thou thy own poison! Protection Status