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703 Buena Vista Boulevard
The Villages, FL, 32162
United States

Specializing in hand crafted Argentinian products;  Gaucho Knives, fine Argentine cowhide leather bags, purses, wallets, belts and well as exotic leather & a verity of reptile skin merchandise. We also have an exquisite line of solid .925 sterling silver & 18kt gold jewelry, suited for the equestrian, non-equestrian, ladies and gentlemen customers. We as well, have a unique line of hand crafted gift items from Buenos Aires, Argentina South America!

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If you are looking for something unique for that ‘hard to shop for’ person, you are in luck! Pieces Of Argentina has something special for everyone! Our beautiful collections are unisex, only sizing separates ladies merchandise from the men’s.

If you are looking for something specific or wanting to order something we are out of stock in, we are happy to locate that item for you, just drop us an email or telephone us!

We explain the many unique qualities of our product lines with highlighted words throughout our product descriptions. They are blue colored text which you can click on for extended product details. WHY BUY FROM US?

gift, Carpincho Capybara Agenda Notebook
Carpincho Capybara Agenda Notebook - JC/25-C
75.00 125.00
coin,pouch,case,leather,floral,printed,ladies,Floral Flowers printed cowhide, coin, coin holder, coin pouches, 100%, genuine,Noa's Collection
Vintage Styled Floral Leather Coin Holder - Remi/12
Ultimate Steak Knife or Steak Knife Set - GW-CUCH034/23
from 110.00
sold out
wristlet, bag, clutch, floral, flowered, printed, flowered pattern, floral printed leather, leather wristlet, Noa's Collection, pouch, purse
100% Argentine Cowhide Floral Leather Wristlett - NC-JSOB/145
45.00 65.00
100% Genuine Leather Polo Player Wallet - EB-IND/25
fine alpaca fiber, premium alpaca scar, scarf, Extra long 100% authentic Alpaca Fiber Coat Scarf
100% Alpaca Fiber Coat Scarf - AW/699
evening purse, night handbag, handbag, small purse, small black bag, small purses, leather, Argentinian leather bags, Italian leather purses
Argentinian Leather Purse - Evening Essentials Bag - EX-LC617/28
95.00 115.00
Leather Floral Cosmetic Bag Setcosmetic, make up case,pouch,leather,floral,printed,ladies,leather Floral Flowers printed,cowhide, Argentina, woman,Noa's Collection
Genuine Floral Leather Cosmetic Bag Set - NC405-407/42
sold out
100% geniune Argentinean leather cowhide business card case, leather cases, cowhide biz card holder, biz, business card cases, horse logo card holder case
Leather Business Card Case - EX-RF1300/12
Alpaca silver polo player key ring. Measures 4.5" x 2.5" (length x width of disk) Hand crafted by Argentine artesians in this unique and durable style key chain
Alpaca Silver Polo Player Key Ring Key Holder Key Chain - O-HFPP/9
sold out
100% Genuine Cowhide Leather, Pant Pocket Coin Holder
100% Genuine Cowhide Leather Pant Pocket Coin Holder
Polo mallet, polo mallet keyring, keyring, key chain, polo stick, polo mallet, silver mallet keyring, silver mallet, silver polo stick
Alpaca Silver Polo Mallet Key Ring - GdB-1262
Cuchillo gaucho, verijero, regional handcraft knife leather Argentine artesanal stainless steel cuchillo cowhide, Argentina hunting blade, brass wood Alpaca silver
Gaucho Cuchillo Knife - 12 Strand Hand Woven Work of Art - TC-W/40
Argentine Hand braided, rawhide boleadoras, leather miniature boleadoras, Gauchos, key ring
Argentinian Miniature Boleadoras Key Ring - JC-RH/5
Solid alpaca silver polo belt buckle, mallet, polo player, horse, belt, argentine polo
Solid Alpaca Horse Head Belt Buckle - EX-HH/15
Rawhide & Alpaca Silver Iron Riding Stirrup Key Ring - JC-RH/5
Argentina Fine Leather Yerba Mate' Carrying Case - Noa-YM/Z
125.00 165.00
sold out
Solid alpaca silver polo belt buckle, mallet, polo player, horse, belt, argentine polo
Solid Alpaca Silver Polo Player Belt Buckle- EX-PB01/15
from 65.00
Hardwood Argentinian Gaucho Knife - Full Tang Blade - Remi-3HW/40
85.00 125.00
sold out
26.00 35.00
Solid alpaca silver polo belt buckle, mallet, polo player, horse, belt, argentine polo
Solid Alpaca Silver Polo Player Belt Buckle - EXPB03/15
Argentinian, Argentine leather, leather key ring, leather key chain, belt key ring, horse head key chain, equestrian key rings, polo player key rings, polo belt key rings
Argentinian Leather Keyring Key Chain - JC/5
Beautiful Carpincho/Capybara Coin Pouch with Cowhide Trim
Carpincho Capybara Coin Pouch with Cowhide Trim - NV1098/7-C
sold out
Carpincho leather brief bag, attache case, brief case, capybara leather case, capibara leather, briefcase, leather and carpincho brief
Carpincho Capybara & Argentinian Leather Brief Case - DLP/25
125.00 225.00
sold out
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